1. Wake up early, and go to sleep early.
  2. Tell yourself 1 thing you loved about yourself the day before when you wake up.
  3. Go on a walk with your partner.
  4. Organize your jewelry.
  5. Take 10 minutes cleaning up your home.
  6. Light up a candle.
  7. Water your flowers/plants or bring some home. 
  8. Read your bible or a book.
  9. Cook a yummy recipe!
  10. Take a long shower and exfoliate your skin.
  11. Work-out!
  12. Eat a bowl of fruit or steamed veggies.
  13. Call your parents or a loved one.
  14. Play music and dance around your home.
  15. Clean out your pantry.
  16. Make your bed every morning! 
  17. Listen to a podcast.
  18. Find a small group at a local church to join.
  19. Turn off the news! 🙂 
  20. Write down your plans for the week on a cute notepad. 

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