How I Stay Productive

It is so important for me to do these 5 things every week. It all helps me manage my time better, gives me sanity and overall just helps me be a more efficient person. I truly believe these 5 things can help you grow more than you would think. What are you doing with your time? We get home from work and honestly don’t want to do anything sometimes. Live a life where you say “I will, I can, I am organized, and I can do this!”

+ Wash your bed sheets once a week: At least please every other week! We take a lot of bacteria back to bed, and if the sheets are going weeks without being washed… Sunday mornings are my favorite days to wash the sheets. The start of your Monday will be fresh and clean!

+ Make your bed: Not only do you get to come home to nicely made bed, but it gets your brain going when you add a task to your morning. This I believe helps you grow into a more detailed person. Making your bed leads to better productivity. This I believe! <3

+ Workout: I have been working out 5 times a week this year! SO SO proud, I’ve come a long way! I realized that in the past I would give up on working out because I would push myself more than I could handle. Now, on days that I don’t have any energy I will run 1 mile a call it my workout. Go at your own pace, and don’t compare what you can handle vs. anyone else.

+ Family: Make your family your priority. You could call your Mom or Dad at least once a week. Spend time with them as much as you can!

+ Cross out 1-2 days in your calendar: I started doing this every week since the start of 2020. I have a very busy schedule between work, church, Andrew and time with family. Crossing out 1-2 days in my weekly calendar for myself allows me to focus on me. There are sometimes weeks where I just do not have room to go out for a drink or dinner with friends because of my other priorities. AND that is okay!! Not that friends are not a priority, but I can’t be a good friend if I don’t take time for myself. What I love about my friends is that we are all like this. We love to hangout, but we also know when need to put ourselves first. Friendships that truly care will understand and are probably on the same boat as you. Balance is everything!

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