• 3 Steps For Longer Lashes

    I am excited to share these products that will change your mascara game! For almost 2 years I was getting lash extensions, but after 3 months ago I said bye to them! I was so disappointed in the damage after removing them. I know that many girls will say that it depends on who you go to, which yes that is true! I always went to the best lash studios and still left damage. Finally after letting my lashes grow back on their own and letting them be natural and independent! lol! I have found products that have enhanced my lash look!

    If you’re wanting to grow your lashes and making them a lot more voluminous without extensions! An eyelash serum is the way to go!

    I purchased this primer after reading so many reviews about it. And let me tell you! They were not wrong! This primer helps your lashes look extra longer without them looking clumpy!

    I have tried so many mascaras including high-end ones, and I have not fallen in love with one yet. You can never go wrong with Maybelline! These 2 mascaras are amazing and have everything I need from a mascara! Volume, long and a falsies look!


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