5 Ways to Shut Your Sunday Scaries Down

Happy Sunday! Ever since I started my job after college, I came to learn real quick what the “Sunday scaries” were. The uncomfortable feelings in your tummy before the start of your week! UGH worst feeling ever. I realized I was just getting used to this new “work life.” The responsibilities I would have, and how much more time I would not have to do me. I mean college was amazing! I could sleep in whenever I wanted to, binge on Netflix after stressing over an exam. And, really just live my life according to my plans, and around my classes. Knowing I couldn’t just curl into bed at 10am on a random Tuesday would give me a lot of anxiety. No matter what you are going through or what have on your to-do list, you have to show up for work. After 1 year of working full-time I am here to tell you 5 things I do, to shoo the Sunday scaries away.

1 – Clean the apartment and do all laundry! This has helped so much! I know that because my home is clean, I will have more time to enjoy my rest time after work.

2 – Go to church! It’s not a Sunday if I did not attend service. I am able to give my anxiety and stress to him, and renew my mind for the week.

3 – Go to bed before 9pm. More sleep means a happier you! You will be 10x more excited to get up on Monday, than if you had gone to sleep after 12am! Not fun at all!

4 – Plan a fun night with you friends! Wether it’s going out for a drink or inviting them over for one. Being able to spend quality time with your friends is a great way to get you through the week.

5 – Spend less time on social media. This is a great week to stop comparing your life to those that have a different job or lifestyle than you. There are times when I spend more time than I should be, scrolling through peoples life. It sometimes causes me to second guess my direction of my life, or why I don’t have the stay at home blogger job like they do. We won’t ever get anywhere if we spend our time crying over what we don’t have, rather than working towards our goals!

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  1. 3.16.20
    Cara said:

    Love this post so much! Great list!