A New Season.

Quarantine is not a setback! This is the time to start prepping ourselves for what’s ahead and let the good things that came out of this quarantine season continue on. This time in quarantine has been so good to me. Although there was a lot of fear about losing my job, what was next and simply missing what life once was 2 months ago. This time allowed me to fill myself back-up again. 2 months ago I was feeling SO burnt out. Everyday I felt like I was just dragging myself through and I kept wishing I had time to just sit. Don’t get me wrong, everything we are experiencing or have experienced has not been the most enjoyable! It has not been easy, but just look at what you do have right now. Pick it all up, pick yourself up, and let’s keep moving. Step-by-step, we will still reach our goals, and our dreams. Life is good and we will be okay! Below are a few ideas to help you start prepping for life after quarantine along with links for where to shop!


1. Give yourself a manicure with a new summer color!

2. Let’s pamper up our hair! I have never seen my hair this fast before until quarantine. I stopped straightening it and letting it air dry more. Which has helped SO MUCH! Also, these products below are just miracle workers and I am obsessed. 

3. Skin! 

4. Start to journal.

5. Tea before bed, and put your phone away 30 minutes before bed. Trust me you’ll regret tik-tok videos in the morning, but you won’t regret a good night sleep!


1. Mapiful! There’s a place we are missing. Send a map to one of your closest friends.

2. Has your Mom mentioned anything she’s been wanting? Let’s buy it and surprise her.

3. Send an e-card with Canva. Get creative and design a letter on Canva.com and just email it over to your BFF!

4. Call a family member and just let them catch you up on their life. Let them feel special. Some of us just need someone to talk to.

5. Venmo! Someone may need financial help. Send money over to a close friend or love one and let them know their light bill is on you.

Meal Prep:


1. The Good Life

2. Hope City with Jeremy Foster

3. Thick & Thin

4. What We Said

5. As For Me And My House

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