• Remaining still

    Hi guys! I’m back on here with the blogs. If any of you followed my last site, I was consistent with my writing for about a year. That sort of stopped after I got “too busy.” I was a full-time student, in a sorority, working 3 jobs, and trying to be there for everyone. I’ve always kept myself very busy. Consistently add to my schedule for the month and the one ahead. I need to know in advanced that there will not be a day, I am doing absolutely nothing! There is so much to explore in the world, that I can’t just let myself to waste a day sitting on a couch. I was living my life without any margins. 

    This last month has been a tad different. I have learned how important it is to remain still when your heart is feeling uneasy. There had been things I had been praying for, but was not hearing or feeling anything. It was not because God was giving up on me, or changed his game plan on my life. It was because I was running in constant circles with a million things on my back. I found myself so unhappy with where I was. After a month of praying I felt something nudging me to quit my full-time job. But, how?! You are telling me that I went to school for 5 years, changed my major, felt confident in what I wanted to do after college, was blessed to get a job 3 weeks after graduation, just to give up on what God had blessed me with? Yep, it was just that. I was over qualified, and working under the worst characters. There was a lot of prayer and quiet moments with myself. There was a lot, a lot of tears. I would wake up and just start crying. On the weekends, I was still working at my 2 part-time jobs. I loved them too much and did not want to leave them. Working 7 days a week was bringing the worst out of me and it was time for a change.

    After 2 months of prayer and conversations with my closest friends and mentors. I finally decided to do leave my full-time job. The day that I put in my 2 weeks I felt so proud and excited. Without a job lined up, I had no doubt that God was going to deliver despite the uncertainty. On my last day at the company, I received an email with a job offer that was more than what I was expecting. Here we are a week after my last day my. At home, enjoying my day on my couch. I have been catching up with friends, family, and most importantly my heart. 

    There are 5 things I have learned this past month.

    1. Stop letting society take over your heart and mind. You don’t have to be at a fancy office, with a consistent pay check TO BE happy. If you are not happy with your job now, then start a game-plan and take action! You are so much more valuable than your diploma and your title. 
    2. Start putting more time in to what really matters. Go hangout at your parents and just lay on their couch like when you were 5. Call a friend and go have coffee together. Do not forget about those that love you and want to spend quality time with you!
    3. Kill it with what you have. The moment I knew I wanted to leave my job, I started making the best out of every day I had left. I was making sure I was hitting my numbers, and exceeding my supervisors expectations. I was making sure to remind my friends at work that they are very valuable. That they too can live happy and love what they do every day! You do not have to settle where you are.
    4. What you know is best for you will not be easy to do. It is not easy to feel like you gave up or walked away. It is not easy to leave your comfort when you have no idea what is on the other side. I have never heard or felt God tell me something so strongly until last month. I did not know if I was making things up in my head, just because I was uncomfortable. I had no idea God had this new opportunity in store for me. He needed me to take time for myself so that I could be my best for my next. I am worth more than a title. YOU are worth more than a title. 
    5. When you do not know what direction to take. Thank God for what you have. Go to people you trust and are following Jesus for advice and guidance. Be consistent in your prayer! Most importantly, thank him for all that you have. You will receive more, when you are thankful for the little you have now. God wants you to put yourself first, and be with a healthy heart before you receive the blessings he has for you!

    God wanted me to remain still. I became so negative quick, and had the most anxiety, fear and doubt I’ve ever felt all in one month. I knew I needed time to just stay at home and focus on myself. I knew I had to be out of a toxic environment and just worship alone. This past week has been so good to me. This next week coming up is just the start of Gods promotion he always had for me. You to deserve better, and God also has a great plan for your life. Remain still, as it is only harder to understand your life if you’re constantly running.



    1. May 17, 2019 / 7:00 am

      Love this! So happy for you and such great advice on being still to follow His voice♥️

      • Jessica Perez
        May 19, 2019 / 11:15 pm

        Thank you so much!! <3

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