• Valentine’s Day Outfit

    Happy Valentines Day week!

    So for Valentine’s, I had told Andrew I wanted to stay in and watch Netflix and make a pizza. Mostly because I did not want to go out and deal with 10 million other dates going on LOL! I could tell he totally didn’t want to stay in since it is our first valentines day together. We are always on the go so staying after work didn’t sound bad at all! But, now I am so excited for Thursday because he planned out a little date night to one of our favorite restaurants. I got this dress for Valentine’s day because why not be super extra and wear red on the 14th! I am so in love with this dress because I’ve always had a hard time loving red pieces on me until this red dress caught my eye! It is fitting and still really comfortable! With nude heels and a pair of nice white or silver earrings, you got yourself a hot look!


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