Valentine’s Day Ready

Happy Thursday! It is almost Friday, and less than a month away from Valentine’s Day. Which, cannot wait for! I personally am not the wanting to go out and celebrate all the “loveeee with literally everyone else lol! But, I cannot wait to spend quality time with Andrew and have a home cooked meal. Saving a weekday night for drinks and sweet convos with my friends. Anything exciting to get us through the week! I am all here for the cutest things to shop for! Is it just me, or has this year stepped up its game on all the Pinks, Whites and Reds?

Along with the cutest finds for you to shop, I have listed a few ideas to help you get in the spirit. <3

February Date/GNO Ideas

1. Watch The Bachelorette with your friends in cute Pink and Red pjs.
2. Go to a restaurant by yourself and enjoy a nice dinner with your favorite glass of wine.
3. Make cinnamon rolls with the heart-shaped waffle maker!
4. Take yourself to a Spa Day!
5. Netflix! Favorite love movies on Netflix right now! They had my heart pacing!
Movie – Love, Rosie
Movie – Always Be My Maybe
6. Lastly! For all my dating with a purpose couples. I highly recommend this book. Communication is everything, and it is very important to understand your partners character and beliefs. Time to break the ice! <3

Meet Jessica

Hey y'all! Glad you are here. I am excited to get to share my style, favorite foods and heart on here.

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